The Property

At Circle Star Pet Haven your pet can live out the rest of its life in the lap of luxury. Circle Star Pet Haven is located on a 100 acre ranch in the rolling hills of beautiful East Texas. The owner lives on site and is available 24 hours a day. The ranch also features Circle Star Pet Resort, the Nation’s Premiere Pet Boarding and Training Facility.

Circle Star Pet Haven is currently accepting dogs, horses, donkeys, cows, and llamas. Prices for pets other than dogs are available by email.

Lodging for Dogs

Each home houses twelve dogs. Limiting the number of dogs ensures that the home is peaceful and each pet gets personal attention every day.


Each casually elegant, ranch style home has a large Great Room, Gourmet Kitchen, Indoor Playroom and twelve private bedrooms with individual covered outdoor porches.  

Each bedroom features custom made wrought iron toddler beds, orthopedic mattresses, luxury sheets, pillow and snuggly bedspread. There’s a TV in every room playing animal shows or soothing music.







As with every room at Circle Star, your pet has access to its own private patio 24 hours a day to relieve itself. At Pet Haven, there is a solid wall between the rooms which extends all the way out through the patio.

All rooms can accommodate more than one pet, size permitting, and also have an additional dog door that can be opened to make adjoining suites for multiple dog families.

Every aspect of the Circle Star Pet Haven dog homes are designed for maximum pet safety and pleasure. Circle Star Pet Haven is not a kennel with a home like atmosphere, Circle Star Pet Haven is a real home built specifically for the comfort of dogs.

Need pet care but want your pet back in the future? Circle Star Pet Haven also offers care for your pet if you should become temporarily disabled or are required to be away for an extended period of time but still want your pet back in the future.

We’re serious about keeping your pets healthy. We use Germicidal UV Air and Surface sanitizing system (just like in a hospital operating room) in every building.

Cuisine for Dogs

Pets enjoy two meals a day from our gourmet kitchen. You can request that we serve either our kennel kibble or optional raw or cooked-fresh ground meat and veggies (chicken or beef).

Activities for Dogs

“Den Moms” are at the house all day, every day, playing with and loving on the dogs. Den Moms prepare and serve two delicious meals a day. Den Moms take the dogs in small groups and play with them in their own private indoor playroom complete with forts, agility equipment and toys or on daily walks to the outdoor grassy areas for Frisbee or ball chasing.  Dogs also have supervised access to the built in swimming pool with 360 degree graduated beach entry on all sides, slide and pop up water features.

In the evenings, dogs can lounge on the leather furniture and snuggle with their Den Mom while watching TV and gazing at the fireplace. Dogs will feel a part of a family with their canine friends and Den Mom.

Hooved Animal Lodging and Cuisine

Large animals will enjoy lush green fields with large shade trees, lakes and streams running through. Grazing pastures are all improved pastures and supplemental grain will be fed as needed. Loafing sheds are available to keep animals warm and dry.

Grooming and Veterinary Care

  All pets will receive regular grooming according to their species and breed.





All pets will receive routine veterinary care, immunization and preventative medicine in
addition to whatever special medical services
that are required for a long and happy life.

Housekeeping and Landscaping

Housekeeping and landscaping services ensure that your pet’s room, the house and the grounds stay neat and clean.



Safety and Security

Each dog residence features fire resistant construction, monitored smoke and burglar alarms and a security fence.


Transportation to the facility from anywhere in Texas is included. Transportation from outside Texas will be an additional charge. (903) 469-4320

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