Payment Options

The average pet dog lives about 13 years.
At $65 per day the costs are:

12 year old dog
11 year old dog
10 year old dog
  9 year old dog
  8 year old dog
  7 year old dog
  6 year old dog
  5 year old dog
  4 year old dog
  3 year old dog
  2 year old dog
  1 year old dog 
  Under 1 year old dog
$23,725 (1 year)
$47,450 ( 2 years)
$71,175 (3 years)
$94,900 (4 years)
$118,625 (5 years)
$142,350 (6 years)
$166,075 (7 years)
$189,800 (8 years)
$213,525 (9 years)
$237,250 (10 years)
$260,975 (11 years)
$284,700 (12 years)
$308,425 (13 years)

The average pet dog lives 13 years. If it is 7 years old when you sign up, it may have approximately 6 years remaining
at $23,725 per year. 

You’ll need a life insurance policy for $142,350.A policy for this can cost as little as $11 per month!

Examples of monthly premiums ranges for $142,350 are:

Female Age 20 Non Smoker $11 month , Smoker $20 month
Female Age 60 Non Smoker $46 month, Smoker $101 month

Male Age 20 Non Smoker $12 month, Smoker $24 month
Male Age 60 Non Smoker $70 month , Smoker $155 month

The above price ranges are for demonstration
purposes only. Actual rates may vary.

We are not selling insurance, we are in the
business of caring for pets.

We can direct you to a reputable insurance agent to make financing your pet's future easy and affordable.

Minimum 5 year term.

Accurately determining the age of a dog is difficult. Some owners don’t know how old their dogs are. Veterinarians aren't able to accurately determine a dogs age past puppy-hood and can be off by as much as five years which is why we have a five year minimum. 

No breed specific surcharge for those breeds
known to require increased medical care.

Dogs with pre-existing conditions are accepted on a case by case basis. Call or email us to find out more.

Large Animals Average Lifespan Chart





45 years

$25 per day/$9,125 year


35 years

$25 per day/$9,125 year


25 years

$25 per day/$9,125 year


22 years

$25 per day/$9,125 year


20 years

$25 per day/$9,125 year

Directions: Find your species of animal (above) and determine it's average life
span. Subtract the age of your large animal pet to see how many years it may
live. Multiply the number of years it may continue to live by $9,125.00 per
year ($25 per day) to see the amount of life insurance you'll need to protect it. 

Examples of average monthly premiums for life
for a healthy 40 year old person: 

$250,000 $50
$400,000 $77
$500,000 $92

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