FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who are you and why did you create this?

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Hi, my name is Vicki Cooper Nourse, Owner of Circle Star Ranch, Home of Circle Star Pet Resort and Circle Star Pet Haven. I've always loved animals. I cherish the time I get to spend with them. I’m involved in Animal Protective Legislation and Pet Rescue. I'm a Master Dog Trainer with over 36 years experience; Certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator; the First American to study Mirror Method Dog Training in Budapest, Hungary and Veterinarian Recommended. I've been in Business since 1976. I'm a Public Speaker against Breed Specific Legislation (BLS) and founder of Circle Star K9 Rescue.

As an animal lover, I’ve been caring for my own small and large animals for over 40 years. In 2004, my mom and I created Circle Star Pet Resort which became the Nation’s Premier Pet Boarding and Training Facility. See more at www.CircleStarPetResort.com. I have several dogs and horses and I faced the same question that you may be facing; what happens to my pets if something happens to me? Since I’ve been successfully caring for animals for a lifetime, my own personal need, my experience in caring for pets combined with a heavenly flash of inspiration culminated in a solution to this agonizing dilemma.  It took almost five years to create the environments that provide a real home for pets who outlive their people and the financial program to support it. If you want to guarantee that your pets will be well taken care if something happens to you, I would be honored to provide that care. 

What kind of assurance do I have that Circle Star Pet Haven will be around in the future?

Making sure your pet’s future is safe is a solemn responsibility.  Circle Star Pet Haven is governed by a distinguished group of medical doctors, veterinarians and business professionals with a strong love for animals. Circle Star keeps your funds in a safe, no risk account. Only the Board of Directors have access to the funds.  At the first of each year, the Board of Directors transfers only the amount required to care for each pet for the year into the operating account. The Board will convene if an animal requires urgent care or a major medical procedure.

You can read about each Director here. Circle Star Pet Haven is additionally supported by Circle Star Pet Resort, a high end pet boarding and training facility. This distinguished Board of Directors, and their successors, will operate Circle Star Pet Haven in perpetuity.

Do you re-home pets in the Circle Star Pet Haven Program?

We don't re-home pets in the program because you want to know exactly what place your pet will be in, if something happens to you. What you see today, at Circle Star Pet Haven, is what will be for the lifetime of your pet. You don't want to worry about the degradation of homes your pet may be placed in. Whether the people have become ill, lost their jobs, married or  divorced will greatly impact your pet. Our program is for people who want to provide a consistently safe and loving home for their pet's future, if something should happen to them. 

Can I leave funds for my pet in a will or trust?

We don’t accept wills or trusts because if your heirs disagree, we could be required to retain a legal team and the issue may take years to settle costing thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, your pet needs care immediately after you’re gone and we need to be able to provide this.

What if the dog I have enrolled passes away?

If the dog you have enrolled passes away, the same policy covers your next dog, even if it is younger.  Alternately, if your dog passes away and you decide not to get another dog, you simply cancel the enrollment.

Who is on the Board of Directors?

The board of directors are:

David K. Teegarden, MD
Heidi McKellar, MD
Bryan Ramsey, DVM
Francisco Herrera
Jennifer McCollough

You can read about each director here.

How does Life Time Pet Haven guarantee its clients that it will be around in the future?

In the event of the disability or death of the founder Vicki Cooper, ownership of Circle Star Pet Haven business and property will transfer to the Board of Directors who will operate Circle Star Pet Haven in perpetuity. Additionally Circle Star Pet Haven is supported by Circle Star Pet Resort, a high end pet boarding and training facility.

How will Circle Star Pet Haven care for sick or injured pets?

Routine veterinary care, preventative medicine and urgent care are built into the cost of care.

How can I be sure that my pet will get good veterinary care?

There is a veterinarian on Circle Star’s Board of Directors and he/she will oversee all veterinary care that will be provided by the on call veterinarian.

Who provides veterinary care?
Regular veterinary care is provided by local veterinarians.

Little dogs live longer than big dogs, why are all dogs calculated at the same rate?

The reason that all dogs are charged the same amount is because it becomes difficult to draw the line on size for several reasons. Canine life span really has more to do with weight than height. An English Bulldog is small but has a short life span, a sight hound is very tall yet has a longer life span. A great majority of dogs are mixed breeds and they have the longest life spans of all and therefore skew all calculations.

Certain breeds of dogs have more physical maladies than others, why are all breeds charged the same?

Even though some breeds are predisposed to certain physical maladies, we don’t charge any difference in rates because mixed breed dogs account for a large percentage of the canine population and may contain breeds that carry troublesome conditions.

My pet has a pre-existing condition, will you accept it?

Pets with pre-existing conditions are accepted but evaluated on a case by case basis. There may be a surcharge.

How will pets be transported to Circle Star Pet Haven?

Circle Star Pet Haven will arrange and pay for the transportation of any pets in Texas. If you live outside Texas, there is a $5,000 surcharge to cover transportation because we will have to fly out to get your pet, make sure it has a current health certificate and then fly back with it. If you live outside of the U.S. there is a $10,000 surcharge to cover transportation. While we foresee no difficulties and will make every effort humanly possible, we cannot guarantee that other countries will allow your pet to leave or that the United States will allow it to enter.

What species of pets do you take?

We currently take dogs, horses, donkeys, cows, and llamas.

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