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What happens to your pet if something
happens to you?

Perhaps you can convince a friend or family member to take your pets in,
but will they really be good to them?

Most pets that lose their human guardians are euthanized. Often well-meaning relatives or friends initially adopt the pets but find that lifestyle issues, conflicts with existing pets and allergies eventually make the arrangement unfeasible. What if the person you choose became sick or injured?

Man In Wheelchair

What if they lost their job? What if they divorced and their situation changed? What if they married and the new person didn’t like or was allergic to your pet? What if someone else came to live in the house and isn't kind to your pet? What if the pets in the household didn't get along? What if the person you choose didn't spend the money on your pet as you intended ?

As a result of all these “what ifs” most pets are eventually surrendered to a shelter. If there are no homes available quickly the pet will likely be put to sleep. No kill shelters are usually not an option as they are already overcrowded. Pets that are accepted into no kill shelters spend the rest of their lives in cages.

Some places accept your pet for a donation and they live the rest of their lives in an institution. Some places accept your pet for a donation and try to re-home them. Can you imagine how your pets would feel spending the rest of their days in a institutional environment, shelter or in another home that isn't good? 

At Circle Star Pet Haven there are no what ifs….You can depend on the fact that the situation you see today is what will be here for the lifetime of your pet.

Maybe the thought of not knowing the fate of your best friend even has you thinking of putting him to sleep should something happen to you.  Now you have a much better solution!

Guarantee that your pet will be
happy and well cared for. It’s easy…
Reserve a space for your pet today.

We also care for pets whose people will
be away
 for extended periods of time.

Rest assured knowing your pet will
always be safe and happy.

Sign up today for lifetime care and get $10 off 
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